CVHS Scholarship Portal


For access to a National Scholarship database, students can search For local scholarships, keep checking the portal for dates and deadlines.

The following scholarships are available in the circular cart in our Guidance Center:

Scholarship websites:

Arizona Milk Scholarship:

Wendy’s Heisman Award:

Flinn Scholars: due by 10/19/12 –

Stephen J. Brady Scholarship: due 12/05/12 –

Got Milk? Hispanic Scholarship fund: due by 12/15/12 –

U.S. Scholarship Program: due 12/20/12 –

Lidtke Technologies Scholarship: due 12/31/12 –

GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship: due 01/10/13 –

Burger King Foundation: due 01/10/12 –

Arizona Elk Society Scholarship: due 01/22/13 –

Yavapai Symphony Association Scholarship: due 02/01/13 –

Davidson Fellows Scholarship: due 02/06/12 –

2012-13 Herff Jones Believe in You scholarship: due by 02/08/13 –

Arizona PTA Scholarship Program: due 02/15/13 –

Arizona 4-H Youth Scholarship: due 02/17/13 –

Dorrance Scholarship Programs: due 02/22/13 –

Phoenix Suns Charities Scholarship: due 03/01/13 –

Gibraitti Scholarship: due 03/01/13 –

Arizona Community Foudation: due 03/23/13 –

Odenza Marketing Group Scholarship: due 03/30/13 –

Young American Creative Patriotic Art Contest: due 03/31/13 –

10 Words or Less Scholarship: due 04/01/13 –

Sedona Film School Competition: due 04/15/13 –

Marion Saben Peek Scholarship program: due 05/31/13 –

BBG Communications Scholarship: due 06/01/13 –

Paper Scholarship Applications available in Guidance Office:

ACPC Essay Contest: due 11/26/12
Violet Richardson Award: due 12/01/12
Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship: due 12/07/12
National Wild Turkey Federation Scholarship: due by 01/01/13
Arizona State Elks Association-Special Needs and Vocational Scholarship Application due by 01/10/13.
Worth and Dot Howard pre-application for scholarship app: due by 01/30/13
ACTE AZ Scholarship: due by 1/31/13
Herff Jones Scholarship: due by 2/8/13
Southwest District Kiwanis Foundation: due by 03/09/13
Bruce Mcclure Scholarship: due 03/31/13
Yavapai Cowbelles Scholarship: due by 3/31/13
Frank Weinke/David Robinson Marine Corp League Scholarship: due 03/31/13
Verde Valley Fair Scholarship: due by 4/1/13
Dave Ahearn Memorial Scholarship: due by 4/5/13

Other National Scholarship databases: username: campverdehs password: 4azcis02