Camp Verde School Board Vacancy Announcement

Our Mission - Our Vision

Providing students a safe and caring environment in which knowledge, skills,
and attitudes enable learners to become productive citizens
Respect, Integrity, Positive Relationships, Accountability

Our District Will: 

Foster confidence, excellence, integrity, and a sense of belonging.

 Ensure each learner studies a challenging, academic and relevant curriculum, which enhances social, emotional, physical and ethical development.

Work in partnership with all families and the community as an organization of engaged, motivated lifelong learning.

A Message On Strategic Planning From Superintendent Dennis E. Goodwin Ed.D., MBA

Yes, it is perfectly obvious that student learning is a priority for any school district. But read on, because you will quickly see that there are many variables to student achievement which are not obvious at all.

Over time, I have heard teachers express their frustrations about student learning in a variety of humorous ways: “If only it would work to strap books to their heads!” “I hope the experts develop telepathy soon; then I could just transfer understanding directly into their brains.” “If time travel is ever perfected, I’m going to find this kid’s future self and send him back to talk to himself!”

But all joking aside, there are no shortcuts when it comes to student learning. Oversimplified, the art rests in knowing both the material and the learner, and finding a way to make the one accessible to the other. I make no claims of perfection, but I have every confidence our district’s teachers are highly knowledgeable in the subject matter they teach. As for the learners…well, they are an ever-changing tide. ...